Project Description


At Aiken Bach Farm we hand-pick top quality, young horses to join our training program. The characteristics we look for in a training horse are: conformation, movement, good work ethic, and temperament. We have very successfully trained and sold many fine horses.

Our training is based on a solid foundation of correct response to rider aids, as well as correct muscle development. The young horses are worked daily in a systematic program that furthers development in a relaxed and positive environment. Each horse progresses at its individual pace in a program that addresses their individual training needs. We take our time, and with this method we are developing confident horses that clearly understand and enjoy their work.

Serious inquiries only.


ABF Special Edition

2005 Holsteiner/TB gelding, 16.1 hh

A truly exceptional horse for the serious competitor. This horse has the movement, scope, and braveness to be competitive in all three phases at the highest level of our sport. Having first spent some time doing jumpers, he has been eventing for four years. He can be a Grand Prix jumper. He is extremely athletic and can get himself out of any situation. An incredibly powerful and scopey jumper.

He has moved up the levels quickly and has all the talent to be a world class horse.  He went from his very first Beginner Novice event to winning at Training level in less than 1 year. He has competed up to the Preliminary level of eventing as well as in jumpers.


ABF Special Occasion

2012 TB gelding, 17.3 hh

Currently competing at Training level, this horse was unable to find a suitable situation, as he is very quirky. Mikki decided to start from the beginning and work him slowly. He is very elegant and talented in Dressage; although his show tension has limited his scores thus far. His jumping form is not classic but at 17.2 hands he has no difficulty with large fences.  He does not seem to mind water, ditches, or banks.


ABF Special Reserve

2006 TB gelding, 16.2 hh

Acquired in February of 2018, this young horse is generally very quiet and a bit lazy, although he has an age appropriate, spicy side when he gets nervous. We think we are past this phase now! He has been easy to train and has progressed nicely. He is currently competing and placing at Training level. He won Area I Novice Championship in 2018.  Scoring as low as 18.6 in Dressage at the Millbrook Horse Trials in 2018, he puts together a really lovely, consistent test. He has an exceptional jumping style with super, hind end action. He does not seem to mind what a jump looks like, though he initially did not understand water obstacles. He now happily canters through!


ABF Special Feature

2012 TB gelding, 16.0 hh

This lovely, talented horse has been another pleasure to train. Acquired at four-years-old; his work ethic is exceptional. He loves to learn, is super responsive, athletic and adjustable. He consistently scores Dressage in the 20ʼs, and has completed one Preliminary event. He loves to jump everything … but his favorite is jumping into water … if you asked him to drop in The Head of the Lake at Kentucky, he would do it today!! This one will go far and we look forward to finding his new partner.


ABF Spartanian

TB gelding, 16.2 hh

Spartanian experienced top placings in Eventing, but his excellent jumping form attracted show hunter trainers, and he is competing at hunter/jumper shows successfully with an amateur.


ABF Special Agent

2009 TB gelding, 16.3 hh

“Salsa” as he is more formally called in the barn, is one of Bridgette’s competition horses. Mikki bought Salsa from Pat Dale as a 3-year-old.  He has very flashy movement and a great attitude for learning new things. Mikki competed Salsa through training level before Bridgette “stole” him. Bridgette moved him up to Preliminary as a 6-year-old and then to Intermediate as an 8-year-old. He has scored in the 20ʼs from BN-P, often winning the Dressage class amongst warm bloods. Salsa enjoys playing in his water tank and bossing around his friends in the field. Salsa has lovely gaits and fantastic ride ability for a TB, and lives to gallop cross country. Bridgette hopes to campaign Salsa at the two star level in 2019.

Tsunami III

1999 TB mare, 17.1 hh

 “Sue” as she’s known in the barn, is a newer ride for Bridgette. Tsunami was competed through the CCI 4**** level with her owner Sarah ‘Sally’ Cousins. For the past two years, Bridgette has ridden with Sally on Salsa, but has loved Sue since the first day she met her 12 years ago! Bridgette was offered the privilege to ride and learn from Sue this past Spring and jumped at the opportunity! Sue is one of the best jumpers Bridgette has ever ridden. Bridgette is learning a lot from this special mare. While dressage is not Sue’s favorite phase, she saves all her energy for show jumping and cross country! Sue enjoys Mrs. Pastures cookies, massages, and long hand grazes. Bridgette is currently competing Sue at the Intermediate level, and will see where 2019 leads them!


Rarely does a horse come along that demonstrates all the qualities required to be world class. At ABF, we have had the fortunate opportunity to offer a behind-the-scenes, exclusive look into what it takes to train a horse for International High Level performances.  Shares are surprisingly affordable and maintenance fees are a tiny fraction of the cost of ownership, including perks such as all access credentials to VIP events and tents.  Find out how to be a part of this tremendous journey when we have syndication horses available.