Project Description


Mia has ridden with Mikki for the past ten years. She started at Beginner Novice and moved all the way up to successful competition at the Advanced level. She has a lovely 3* 14-year-old OTTB gelding named Vilas County.  V is a new partnership for Mia and they are steadily working towards moving back to Intermediate and then hopefully to Advanced sometime in the next year.  Mia is currently taking a break from her marketing consulting for technology start ups to focus on her riding. Mia joins the ABF team for winters in Aiken and spends the rest of the year on her little horse farm in Franklin, TN.


Sloane began riding with ABF in 2012 with her old horse Finn.  Bridgette helped her to acquire her current horse Indie in 2015, and since then they have successfully completed multiple CIC and CCI 1* events, three Intermediates, and one CIC2*.  In 2017, Sloane and Indie qualified and competed in Montana at the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC) and finished in 9th place.  In spring of 2018, they completed their first CIC2* event together and finished in 4th place.


Whitney and Diamond Jim started riding with Aiken Bach Farm in 2015 after acquiring Jim from the Hunt Field.  Riding with Bridgette and Mikki has enabled them to progress to the Upper Levels:  “I could not have done this without them: their guidance, caring, and breadth of knowledge has enabled us to be successful.”  Whitney worked for Aiken Bach Farm in 2016 helping Mikki prepare for Rolex and enjoys teaching for The Pony Club.  She looks forward to many more years of the thrilling sport of Eventing with ABF.


After a lifetime of trail riding, hunter pacing and thinking that Eventers were completely nuts, KIM fell into an Eventing stable in 2005 while living and working in France. She has been addicted ever since. She returned to the USA in 2012, bringing her Selle Francais, Rubens D’Ysieux, along with her, and started riding with Mikki. Kim says that Mikki’s amazing coaching finally lead her to Rembrandt, her Dutch Warmblood. Mikki predicted that Rembrandt would be “the perfect horse for Kim,” and she was right. Kim and Rembrandt have been pretty much inseparable since then. Although they now live in the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont, Kim takes every opportunity she can get to ride with Mikki and Bridgette, at competitions, and with the ABF team in Aiken. She feels so lucky to be able to do this!


Elissa grew up Western riding in California and switched to English tack as a young adult upon arriving on the East Coast.  Hacking on the open land north of Manhattan eventually led her to the field sports of hunter paces and Eventing. She purchased her first sport horse, Corona, a Training level Belgian Draft/Thoroughbred in the spring of 2015, and thus began her love of Eventing.  She immediately joined Mikki’s program, which swiftly elevated her confidence, riding style, and ability.  At 14 years old, Corona has a youthful heart, will safely carry Elissa over any obstacle, and particularly loves to splash through the water.  He is fiercely competitive in the show environment when Mikki has the reins.


Michelle started riding as an adult about 20 years ago and loves to be at the barn riding or just hanging around the horses, when she isn’t working.  She shows occasionally, but mostly rides for pleasure with her gelding Truman, a liver chestnut 16-year-old Canadian Warmblood who stands at 16.3h. Michelle has owned Truman since he was eight, when he was already named after the great American author, Truman Capote.  He is a fantastic jumper and can be fancy at dressage when he wants to be. He is a willing cross country student on courses with a confident rider.  Truman loves treats, night turnout, has a fun loving personality, and gets along well with most horses.  Cheeky in a playful way, you can’t help but love “Twu-man.”


Maura has ridden with us since 2015. She has a busy day between working at Sacred Heart Greenwich and coaching swimming at the Greenwich YMCA. Her partner, Cajun Style, aka Pocket Rocket Remy, is a favorite among the team. Mikki and Bridgette have had the pleasure of teaching Remy the ropes of eventing. Currently, Maura and Remy have a blast competing at the Novice level. Maura’s sister Deirdre has a lovely farm, Birch Hill Meadows, which is a 12-minute hack to Aiken Bach Farm in Patterson NY. Maura and Remy live at Deirdre’s farm and Remy spends his winters in Aiken at the ABF farm.